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How To Unstale Your Chips

Saving Stale Chips

Who knew ‘unstale’ was even a word? Summertime is great, just like The Fresh Prince said. I mean, reducing the amount of trips to the grocery store by living off of what is in the garden is just great. Yesterday, I was making fresh salsa and grabbed the opened bag of tortilla chips (sans chip clip) in the cabinet to use as the dipper. But, after I reached in to try one, I found out quickly that they were very, very stale. I’m not really sure how long they had been in there, but probably close to a month.

So, upon my disappointment, the survival side of my brain kicked into high gear and I wondered if I could reverse the staleness (make them unstale) of these bad boys by re-baking them. Here is what I found out upon my oven exploration. Heck yeah you can!

How to unstale your chips

Just set the oven (in my case, the toaster oven) to 375º and bake on a cookie sheet or aluminum foil for about 3-5 min. Watch them closely because they can burn quickly. They should NOT be brown when you are finished (see picture of some mess-ups, but they were still delish!). There is really no need to turn them over during baking either.

Hooray! I saved a very delicious salsa and chips snack. Who knew you could unstale chips? You can’t outsmart me, humidity.


  1. i love this. thank you for saving my chips!! : )

  2. Love it! I wasn’t even sure I would find the word “unstale” on the internet. But I did and it perfectly answered my question! Thank you cheapfoodhere.com

  3. I just unstaled some Cheez-its. It worked great! Now I don’t have to throw away chips and crackers that my children forgot to close the bags on.

  4. I’m glad to hear it worked on your cheez-its too!! I’ve had success with pretzels as well.

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