ALDI: Oh the efficiency of getting cheap food!

There is always cheap food here at ALDI

There is always cheap food here at ALDI

Narrowing down where to shop for cheap food is a necessity when you are trying to be efficient and save money on groceries. Most people are saying to buy the generic brands, but others are saying clip coupons. I have found that coupons on brand names are almost always still more expensive than buying generic. But, there may be professional clippers out there that have found a way.

On the other hand, ALDI is a great place to go for cheap wine (hooray for Winking Owl Cabernet!!) and the basics of cooking like olive oil, flour, snacks, etc. But, you can’t overlook the hidden surprises. I say hidden because everything is kind of a free-for-all but knowing where the goods are is the key.

For example, there are $0.35 boxes of macaroni and cheese (it is the powdered kind, but still if you are buying this stuff anyway, holy Christmas!), a three-pack of bell peppers (red, green, orange) for $2.75, and frozen beef and bean burritos for $0.30 each. Mostly everything is cheaper than in the grocery store, but you can’t count on finding everything you need at ALDI. Cheap food, yes. Gourmet food, no.

Oh and I couldn’t forget the amazing way they do checkout. They ring your items up and put them all in another grocery cart to bag/box yourself in another area. This REALLY speeds up the process. Plus, they encourage you to bring your own bags by charging you for paper and plastic ones. Brilliant; I love it.

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