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After being recommended by a friend in the neighborhood, we were led on the search for cheap food in Pavas, San Jose, Costa Rica. The bar’s name is Jettsy and looks like your typical Costa Rican bar on the corner but the food is extraordinary. It’s an open air restaurant, similar to the others around the country, with TV’s over the bar, rustic wood tables, plants everywhere you look and an attentive waitstaff (which is tough to find, mind you).

We were told the hamburgers were pretty great, considering the country we are in. I mean, how come hamburgers in Costa Rica are so terrible most times? But, Jettsy is different. They don’t use preformed patties and they use decent quality beef, bacon and cheese. So, if you’re looking for a decent burger in San Jose, or Costa Rica for that matter, look for Jettsy in Pavas.

The other food is great too. We ordered nachos, which came with chicken and beef, refried beans, cheese and jalapeños on a bed of corn tortilla chips. My only complaint about those were the store bought tortilla chips; I mean, come on, homemade tortillas are so much better. Take a look at the tortilla chips at Rostipollo for example. Finally, I ordered grilled beef skewers with onion and red bell peppers in some delicious sauce next to a bed of rice, sweet plantains and a salad. Great, great, great flavor and the food was definitely cheap. About $15 for two entrees and the nacho appetizer. Now, add the beers and Cacique and watch the check start to climb.

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  1. Hey,

    I live in Rohrmoser. Since it is football season, I was hoping you had an opinion on the best sports bars in the area.

    These are the sports bars I tried:

    Mac’s Sabana
    GoooL!!! Rohrmoser / Sabana near channel 7
    Scott’s Rohrmoser/ Sabana, near the Med school
    Big Dogs Escazu
    Chi Chi’s Escazu
    Time Out Escazu

    Of these which are your top three, on food, service, prices, programing.

    thanks for your opinion,

  2. Hey Greg, great question. My husband and I haven’t found the perfect place yet. We’ve tried Hooligan’s in Multiplaza Escazú (expensive and not great food), Brad’s Grille in Lindora, Santa Ana (also overpriced with bad food), Mac’s in Sabana which we like a lot, Outback in Escazú, Sportsman’s Lodge (a little ghetto), but i think overall Pollo Cervecero in Pavas is the best option. They have a great atmosphere, food and TVs. Hope this helps.

  3. Hello,

    Thanks for your feedback. I tried Pollo Cervecero, but the only US football they show is what is on local cable. I have also tried Mac’s. I like the back patio but hate the food and parking. The football game selection is good but they are not so willing to find my game.

    I have been going to Goool Sports Bar in Rohrmoser the last few weeks. They show up to 5 of the morning games, all of the afternoon games and Dish Network Red Zone. This means my Steelers are always on one of their 9 HDTVs.

    I think the food is good and fairly priced. They have a few unexpected treats on the menu, which you do not normally find at your typical sports bar in Costa Rica.

    Anyway, thanks for your input.
    Rohrmoser, Costa Rica

  4. Hi

    Just to warn you about Mac´s last time i was there a Cockroach apper on my burger just before taking one bite, so stick only with bottle beer.

  5. Ahhh! Gross. I should update that comment, because I also have had more bad experiences there, one with raw chicken.

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