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Cheap Restaurant St. Petersburg – Trips Diner
Posted in Cheap Food St. Pete, Restaurants on 4 June 2012
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We love cheap restaurants, especially with great breakfast. My husband and I have been on the prowl for cheap restaurants in St. Pete ever since moving here this time last year. We’ve discovered a few gems that I have yet to post about, but will soon. We recently discovered that a new diner opened up close to where we live, just down MLK from us and there was always a packed parking lot on Saturday and Sunday mornings, which is a good indication of how the food is.

Cheap Food St. Pete – Five Bucks Drinkery
Posted in Restaurants on 23 July 2011
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We’ve recently been on the hunt for cheap food in St. Petersburg, Florida since moving here a few weeks ago. We’ve cruised around the downtown area a few times with friends to help us get acquainted with the area and found the 5 Bucks Drinkery. With Big-Ass Beers and all menu items under $5, This 5 Bucks Drinkery gets a gold star for the prices and of course the deep fried bacon!

Cheap Food Costa Rica – Puerto Viejo – Bread and Chocolate
Posted in Food Costa Rica, Restaurants on 21 February 2011
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We hit another cheap food destination while on the Caribbean side last weekend. Bread and Chocolate. The restaurant and bakery is on a rustic porch similar to most restaurants in the area and unlike the usual weekend morning, there was a table open for us when we arrived.We settled on a fried egg sandwich (fried hard to my liking of course) served on a bagel with homemade home fried potatoes and an order of biscuits and gravy. Delicious!

Cheap Food Costa Rica – Puerto Viejo – La Botanica Organica
Posted in Food Costa Rica, Restaurants on 18 February 2011
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There is this little place called La Botanica Organica, who has the freshest, most organic produce you can find around Puerto Viejo. We started off with cups of rich organic Costa Rican coffee and a cup of hot herbal tea with dried tropical fruit, lemon grass and other local herbs. Breakfast included of organic whole wheat pancakes with fresh pineapple topping, a free-range egg scramble with broccoli, onion, bell pepper and feta cheese with fresh baked whole grain bread (amazing!) and a bowl of fabulous granola and local yogurt with goji berries.

Cheap Food Costa Rica Tamarindo – Falafel Mundo
Posted in Food Costa Rica, Restaurants on 6 April 2010
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We stumbled on a place next to the Costa Rica Surf Club where we rented surf boards called Falafel Mundo, a Middle-Eastern Cuisine place that only served three items, but served them VERY well. Shira (almost like the He-Man counterpart) owns the place with her Israeli boyfriend where they have brought the delicious tastes of the Mid-East. They bring the spices back with them from Israel or have their mom send a care package, so you know it’s authentic.

Cheap Food Escazú, Costa Rica – The Waffle Place
Posted in Food Costa Rica, Restaurants on 1 March 2010
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It’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll leave The Waffle Place more than just full, but completely satisfied. I always get the waffle with creamy bacon and mushroom sauce over a fried egg, but they also have an amazing lunch menu complete with soups in a sourdough bread bowl. The Waffle Place in Escazú has mastered the combination of sweet and savory on top of a Belgium Waffle.

Cheap Food Jacó – Bubbas Fish Tacos
Posted in Food Costa Rica, Restaurants on 12 January 2010
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The place is pretty non-descript, but has a blue sign saying BUBBA’S with a marlin on it. No matter what you see on that menu, get the fish taco, all the way. That includes fresh grilled Mahi, cabbage, cheddar cheese, fresh tomatoes, onion, jalapeños, lime and a large dose of delicious! They come with a buttered ‘elote’ or corn-on-the-cob and don’t forget to order the fresh cut french fries and a lemonade.

Cheap Food Costa Rica – Empanada Argentina
Posted in Food Costa Rica, Restaurants on 8 July 2009
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Empanadas are something my husband and I regularly lust after and following a failed attempt at cooking our own, we tried a highly recommended place in San Pedro, Costa Rica just east of San Jose. Donde El Ché is the name of the joint and it’s specialties include empanadas Argentina-style and a chimichurri that will make you want to slap your mama (I’ve been trying to work that in somewhere). But seriously, these are definitely the best empanadas you’ll find north of Argentina.

Cheap Food San Jose Costa Rica – Jettsy
Posted in Food Costa Rica, Restaurants on 3 July 2009
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After being recommended by a friend in the neighborhood, we were led on the search for cheap food in Pavas, San Jose, Costa Rica. The bar’s name is Jettsy and looks like your typical Costa Rican bar on the corner but the food is extraordinary. It’s an open air restaurant, similar to the others around the country, with TV’s over the bar, rustic wood tables, plants everywhere you look and an attentive waitstaff (which is tough to find, mind you).

Food Bloggers Against JoeDoe
Posted in Restaurants, Uncategorized on 1 July 2009
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A great post made by a fellow foodie, Spork or Foon, who sites the drama of a restaurant chef that can’t take criticism and thinks all food bloggers are scum.