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Cheap Homemade Pumpkin Puree Recipe
Posted in Cheap Holiday, Cheap Recipes, Groceries, Help in the Kitchen, The Cheapest on 3 November 2012
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Canned pumpkin puree can be expensive, especially if you need a lot of it for a recipe. It’s a great alternative and without all the preservatives or steep price tags. You can spice it up or leave it plain until you’re ready to cook all of your pumpkin creations this holiday season. See the process here.

5 More Ways to Save Money on Food
Posted in Articles, Help in the Kitchen on 9 December 2011
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A continuation of my first post on 5 ways to save money on food, this post gives a few more great ways of saving money on food. This doesn’t mean boring food, but it could potentially encroach on some of your food crutches that are driving up your monthly food budget and aren’t a requirement for your health. Take a look and feel free to comment any other ideas you have or feedback with your experience with any of the 5 more ways to save money on food.

5 Ways to Save Money on Food
Posted in Articles, Help in the Kitchen on 26 November 2011
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With food being one of the largest parts of the food budget, we often struggle with how to make cuts without feeling like you’re not feeding yourself or your family properly. While it’s not easy to change your habits, it is easy to reduce the cost of food for the month by following a few simple guidelines. These guidelines aren’t going to suggest you eat off of the dollar menu at fast food restaurants or simply eat rice and beans or Ramen noodles. Find out more by reading the article.

Flatbread with Garbanzo and Fava Flour
Posted in 4 Hour Body, Cheap Recipes, Cheap Snack Recipe, Help in the Kitchen on 28 September 2011
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We’ve begun to explore a low-carb flour option to replace our wheat flours. This garbanzo and fava bean flatbread with thyme, honey and sea salt is to die for. I hope you try this recipe out and don’t be afraid of the bean flour, everything turns out okay in the end. Plus, this is an extremely low carb snack if you leave off the honey.

This post takes you through the process of making your own garbanzo flour and using it to make two very distinct and different flatbreads. Enjoy!

Empanada Dough Recipes
Posted in cheap food hints, Cheap Recipes, Help in the Kitchen, The Cheapest on 2 December 2010
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Making empanada dough correctly is the hardest part about the whole process of putting together the perfect empanada. I spent some long hours trying to get the dough just right; looking at every recipe on the internet I could find, and then some. it just so happened that I spent some time with an Argentinean chef at one of the beaches here in Costa Rica that we know. Once I talked to him about my recipe woes, my whole empanada world changed.

Common Empanada Mistakes
Posted in Food Costa Rica, Help in the Kitchen on 2 June 2010
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I have had empanadas in many restaurants in Costa Rica and have been enamored with how beautiful and delicious they turn out. This post is to fill everyone in on the mistakes I’ve made and discovered throughout my exploration in search of the perfect dough and filling recipe. I’d like to share with everyone some tips and tricks as well as things to avoid when making empanadas.

Sweet Potato Chips (aka Boniato or Batata Chips)
Posted in Cheap Recipes, Food Costa Rica, Groceries, The Cheapest on 23 March 2010
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A food that everyone else seems to love that I never really got into growing up or even as an adult was sweet potatoes. It wasn’t until my recent order of delivered organic groceries that I considered making sweet potatoes of my own. When I came to them on the NaturaStyle list, I remembered the fries I had in the past and my friend’s affinity for coconut oil and decided now was the time to try them.

Organic Groceries Delivered in Costa Rica- NaturaStyle
Posted in Food Costa Rica, Groceries on 21 March 2010
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NaturaStyle is an organic grocery delivery service. They source and deliver the finest organic products found in Costa Rica. We loved our experience with them and will be making future orders for sure.

How to Slice and Eat a Star Fruit
Posted in Cheap Recipes, Food Costa Rica, Groceries on 6 March 2010
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Seeing a star fruit (or starfruit) in the grocery store can be a little intimidating or seem ‘too exotic’ if you’ve never sliced and eaten one your self, but don’t be scared, it’s delicious and easy. Follow this step-by-step, no-fail method of slicing and creating beautiful dishes with the starfruit. They are a cheap fruit in Costa Rica, but well worth the price in the United States too.

Cheap Food Costa Rica – Farmers Market Pavas
Posted in Food Costa Rica, Groceries on 12 July 2009
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The Pavas farmers market is the place for cheap food in Costa Rica. Everything isn’t priced lower than the grocery stores, so be careful to take note of prices, but the majority of the food is fresh, cheap and delicious.