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Guest Post – Fresh From the Farm to Your Table
Posted in Articles, Food Costa Rica, Guest Post on 25 October 2011
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This is a guest post from another organic delivery company in Costa Rica focusing on the Caribbean side. They are a wonderful couple dedicated to bringing real, whole foods to your table organically. They offer everything from organic Strawberries, to Bok Choy, Fennel, Kale, Onions, Lettuce, Eggplant, Peruvian Potatoes, Blackberries, Arugula, Basil, Rosemary, Oregano, a variety of Tomatoes and so much much more. Enjoy the post and thanks for reading!

Cheap Food Costa Rica – Puerto Viejo – Bread and Chocolate
Posted in Food Costa Rica, Restaurants on 21 February 2011
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We hit another cheap food destination while on the Caribbean side last weekend. Bread and Chocolate. The restaurant and bakery is on a rustic porch similar to most restaurants in the area and unlike the usual weekend morning, there was a table open for us when we arrived.We settled on a fried egg sandwich (fried hard to my liking of course) served on a bagel with homemade home fried potatoes and an order of biscuits and gravy. Delicious!

Cheap Food Costa Rica – Puerto Viejo – La Botanica Organica
Posted in Food Costa Rica, Restaurants on 18 February 2011
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There is this little place called La Botanica Organica, who has the freshest, most organic produce you can find around Puerto Viejo. We started off with cups of rich organic Costa Rican coffee and a cup of hot herbal tea with dried tropical fruit, lemon grass and other local herbs. Breakfast included of organic whole wheat pancakes with fresh pineapple topping, a free-range egg scramble with broccoli, onion, bell pepper and feta cheese with fresh baked whole grain bread (amazing!) and a bowl of fabulous granola and local yogurt with goji berries.

The 5 Best Costa Rican Recipes
Posted in Cheap Recipes, Food Costa Rica on 7 November 2010
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A lot of people say that Costa Rican Food isn’t all that great and that it’s unimaginative at best, however I beg to differ. Having lived here for just a year and a half, I have been able to sample a lot of local cuisine, but I am far from an expert.

Food in Costa Rica has a rich history and deep meaning for the people here, which for me deserves a lot of respect when being critical of it’s food. Recently, I vowed to find the most unique dishes to Costa Rica and tweak them into the perfect recipes.

Now come check out the recipes.

Common Empanada Mistakes
Posted in Food Costa Rica, Help in the Kitchen on 2 June 2010
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I have had empanadas in many restaurants in Costa Rica and have been enamored with how beautiful and delicious they turn out. This post is to fill everyone in on the mistakes I’ve made and discovered throughout my exploration in search of the perfect dough and filling recipe. I’d like to share with everyone some tips and tricks as well as things to avoid when making empanadas.

Costa Rican Fire Sauce
Posted in Cheap Recipes, Food Costa Rica, The Cheapest on 16 May 2010
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Costa Ricans love their sauces. From Lizano’s to the typical veggies-in-vinegar at every soda table in the country, the Ticos can’t go without adding some extra kick to their dishes. I’ve adopted a similar mentality and feel like the table is empty without a bottle or two of various flavors on the table. My morning gallo pinto just isn’t the same without the chilero, nor the egg sandwiches with Tapatio. Here is the recipe for the Costa Rican Hot Sauce and it’s certainly hot as fire so be careful how much you use as it stays with you for some time after your finished with it.

Cheap Food Costa Rica Tamarindo – Falafel Mundo
Posted in Food Costa Rica, Restaurants on 6 April 2010
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We stumbled on a place next to the Costa Rica Surf Club where we rented surf boards called Falafel Mundo, a Middle-Eastern Cuisine place that only served three items, but served them VERY well. Shira (almost like the He-Man counterpart) owns the place with her Israeli boyfriend where they have brought the delicious tastes of the Mid-East. They bring the spices back with them from Israel or have their mom send a care package, so you know it’s authentic.

Sweet Potato Chips (aka Boniato or Batata Chips)
Posted in Cheap Recipes, Food Costa Rica, Groceries, The Cheapest on 23 March 2010
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A food that everyone else seems to love that I never really got into growing up or even as an adult was sweet potatoes. It wasn’t until my recent order of delivered organic groceries that I considered making sweet potatoes of my own. When I came to them on the NaturaStyle list, I remembered the fries I had in the past and my friend’s affinity for coconut oil and decided now was the time to try them.

Organic Groceries Delivered in Costa Rica- NaturaStyle
Posted in Food Costa Rica, Groceries on 21 March 2010
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NaturaStyle is an organic grocery delivery service. They source and deliver the finest organic products found in Costa Rica. We loved our experience with them and will be making future orders for sure.

How to Slice and Eat a Star Fruit
Posted in Cheap Recipes, Food Costa Rica, Groceries on 6 March 2010
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Seeing a star fruit (or starfruit) in the grocery store can be a little intimidating or seem ‘too exotic’ if you’ve never sliced and eaten one your self, but don’t be scared, it’s delicious and easy. Follow this step-by-step, no-fail method of slicing and creating beautiful dishes with the starfruit. They are a cheap fruit in Costa Rica, but well worth the price in the United States too.