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$100 Cheap Food Project – Week 2
Posted in Articles, cheap food hints, Cheap Recipes on 11 January 2012
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This is the 2nd post in a series to prove that you can live off of just $100 per person per month for food. We bring you the 2nd part of recipes and meal planning with tips and hints to keep your food costs down. Some may be skeptical about whether or not it can be done and especially if you can do it in a healthy way, so we’re out to convince the skeptics. Check out how to live below your means and save significan money on the food budget.

Empanada Dough Recipes
Posted in cheap food hints, Cheap Recipes, Help in the Kitchen, The Cheapest on 2 December 2010
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Making empanada dough correctly is the hardest part about the whole process of putting together the perfect empanada. I spent some long hours trying to get the dough just right; looking at every recipe on the internet I could find, and then some. it just so happened that I spent some time with an Argentinean chef at one of the beaches here in Costa Rica that we know. Once I talked to him about my recipe woes, my whole empanada world changed.

Vote For Us Now on Project Food Blog
Posted in cheap food hints, Uncategorized on 20 September 2010
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Well, the day has finally arrived and Cheap Food Here has put themselves out there for the world to critique in Week 1 of Project Food Blog put on by This first entry is being judged on how true it is to the very heart of the site, and in our case we’re obsessed with saving money and making delicious food at the same time.

When you vote, click the banner below and when the Project Food Blog header comes up on top, click on the Heart that says “Vote for this entry”. You can log in with your Facebook account in order to cast your vote.

Cheap & Healthy Food under $100 per month
Posted in Articles, cheap food hints, Cheap Recipes on 19 September 2010
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We are challenging ourselves to live off of $100 per person per month on food. Can it be done? Most don’t think so, but we’re out to prove it. Follow us on our four week challenge with menus, tips and encouragement to reduce your monthly food budget. You’ll have to give up eating out, trashy packaged goods and sugary soft drinks, but we’re going to transform our readers into healthy, frugal eaters. Check it all out here.

Calling all cheap foodies
Posted in cheap food hints on 10 July 2009
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I’m asking for are submissions of all the unique ways to cut corners on price but not on flavor. We’re not talking just spaghetti dinners and boring potato casseroles here. I am truly passionate about designing meals on a creative budget, and I’m sure there are others out there. Thanks for everyone’s feedback, small or large.

Organic Food Delivery – Costa Rica
Posted in cheap food hints, Food Costa Rica, Groceries on 30 April 2009
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Since moving to San Jose, Costa Rica in January, I’ve found a limited amount of all-natural or organic items (mostly produce) in the grocery stores with an adequate label identifying it as such. There is a great company called BioLand that has great snacks, cereals, and other all-natural and organic products, but they are still […]

100 ways to crack an egg.
Posted in cheap food hints, Cheap Recipes on 23 April 2009
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A great post made by a fellow foodie.

Should I Eat Meat?
Posted in cheap food hints, Food Costa Rica on 19 April 2009
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I am still thoroughly struggling with if, how, where, why I should or shouldn’t eat meat and here are my thoughts so far. I love food, including meat, and it’s not that I’m missing it after only a week or so, but I’m not convinced I ‘shouldn’t’ eat meat (there are various arguments proposed in Skinny Bitch such as our bodily design, digestion enzymes, shape of our teeth, etc.) but there are valid arguments.

Cheap Organic Food – San Jose, Costa Rica
Posted in Articles, cheap food hints, Food Costa Rica, Groceries, Help in the Kitchen on 14 April 2009
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I am determined to comb through all the local grocery stores. Each one has their own great features, which will be in a different post, but the organics sections are small! And so, the hunt for cheap organic food in Costa Rica begins.

Sustainable Food
Posted in Articles, cheap food hints on 6 April 2009
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The way we view the food we eat is especially changing. Being more aware of how the foods we eat are affecting the environment is crucial to being responsible and living a green lifestyle.