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Healthy Eating Isn’t Synonymous with Expensive
Posted in Articles on 15 March 2012
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When the conversation turns to healthier eating, it seems like someone always brings up the idea that it’s impossible to eat healthy on a budget. While it’s true that a package of ramen noodles is cheaper than a box of whole wheat pasta, that’s only part of the story. If you don’t invest in the food you put in your body, you will pay ten-fold in medical expenses throughout your life. READ MORE.

$100 Cheap Food Project – Week 2
Posted in Articles, cheap food hints, Cheap Recipes on 11 January 2012
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This is the 2nd post in a series to prove that you can live off of just $100 per person per month for food. We bring you the 2nd part of recipes and meal planning with tips and hints to keep your food costs down. Some may be skeptical about whether or not it can be done and especially if you can do it in a healthy way, so we’re out to convince the skeptics. Check out how to live below your means and save significan money on the food budget.

5 More Ways to Save Money on Food
Posted in Articles, Help in the Kitchen on 9 December 2011
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A continuation of my first post on 5 ways to save money on food, this post gives a few more great ways of saving money on food. This doesn’t mean boring food, but it could potentially encroach on some of your food crutches that are driving up your monthly food budget and aren’t a requirement for your health. Take a look and feel free to comment any other ideas you have or feedback with your experience with any of the 5 more ways to save money on food.

5 Ways to Save Money on Food
Posted in Articles, Help in the Kitchen on 26 November 2011
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With food being one of the largest parts of the food budget, we often struggle with how to make cuts without feeling like you’re not feeding yourself or your family properly. While it’s not easy to change your habits, it is easy to reduce the cost of food for the month by following a few simple guidelines. These guidelines aren’t going to suggest you eat off of the dollar menu at fast food restaurants or simply eat rice and beans or Ramen noodles. Find out more by reading the article.

Guest Post – Fresh From the Farm to Your Table
Posted in Articles, Food Costa Rica, Guest Post on 25 October 2011
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This is a guest post from another organic delivery company in Costa Rica focusing on the Caribbean side. They are a wonderful couple dedicated to bringing real, whole foods to your table organically. They offer everything from organic Strawberries, to Bok Choy, Fennel, Kale, Onions, Lettuce, Eggplant, Peruvian Potatoes, Blackberries, Arugula, Basil, Rosemary, Oregano, a variety of Tomatoes and so much much more. Enjoy the post and thanks for reading!

Iron Chef Puts Cut-Throat Thrill into Cooking
Posted in Articles on 12 October 2011
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Millions of people across the globe enjoy watching their favorite cooking competitions. The more inclined viewers even find themselves donning aprons and attempting to recreate recipes right alongside their favorite culinary heroes. Some succeed, while others fail miserably.

This isn’t always the case in Iron Chef. The cream of the crop among their culinary peers, Iron Chefs are chosen because they are innovative, competitive, and can whip up a tasty treat out of anything even remotely edible.

Cheap & Healthy Food under $100 per month
Posted in Articles, cheap food hints, Cheap Recipes on 19 September 2010
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We are challenging ourselves to live off of $100 per person per month on food. Can it be done? Most don’t think so, but we’re out to prove it. Follow us on our four week challenge with menus, tips and encouragement to reduce your monthly food budget. You’ll have to give up eating out, trashy packaged goods and sugary soft drinks, but we’re going to transform our readers into healthy, frugal eaters. Check it all out here.

The Dangers of Microwaves
Posted in Articles on 12 March 2010
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Cheap Food Here never microwaves their food. We have been without a microwave since moving to Costa Rica over a year ago. At first we just did without it because they were so expensive here, but now, after using traditional cooking techniques, we’ve decided convenience isn’t better.

Microwaves don’t produce better taste, health or counter space to make them useful enough for our taste. I did a little bit of my own research and tried to fish through the truths and the myths on the internet, which is pretty difficult, especially with such a controversial topic.

Gourmet Magazine is Stopping Print
Posted in Articles on 20 October 2009
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The first US magazine dedicated to food and wine, first published in 1941 is ceasing it publication after the November issue.

“It’s the center of gravity, a major planet that’s just disappearing,” said chef and author Anthony Bourdain, who said Gourmet was the first food publication to give him a chance as a writer. “There’s been a lot of speculation about this happening, but I’m still stunned.”

Have you been Greenwashed?
Posted in Articles on 20 September 2009
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Before deciding that your favorite new product is that all-natural, biodegradable dish detergent, make sure you read up on who is giving them their kudos and how the ingredients actually affect the environment. Please make the extra effort to discover as much as possible on your own and don’t trust just anyone who makes a claim for their own benefit, rather than your health and safety. Read on to dispel some common environmental myths.